Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Goodbye Ireland... Hello Wales!

K so this post is backwards but I takes forever to load pics so I don't want to reload them. Feel free to start from the bottom.
Wales is beautiful, there are waterfalls everywhere! It kind of reminds me of home with the mountains and everything, minus the castle on the beach. I don't have a picture of the hostel we stayed in but it was quality. It had plugs, an elevator, and a bathroom! Oh the things to be grateful for. Also our bus driver was funny, after figuring out we were LDS he went on to explain that they have missionaries in Wales that are out teaching and people are actually joining our church. He went on to say that he knows where they are and he could take us to meet them, he was really excited about this. We tried to explain to him that we have missionaries every where but he didn't seem to understand. It was so cute!
Careful of these things while in the castle.
Super models.
Some one actually lives in this house.
Hello Wales!
Jacob. He may or may not be really cool.

Goodbye Ireland!
My special friends on a ferry ride from Ireland to Wales.
The convent we stayed in.


  1. u actually stayed in a convent? are you a nun now? if you resize your pics to the smallest size they will load faster. looks like a blast - glad you got to go to the restroom.

  2. Just taking your mom's advice from her blog and leaving a comment! Actually, I am so excited about your adventures because I did a study abroad in London when I was at BYU and loved every second. I did that same trip to the pond, stayed in the same place in London. Sometime when you are in the Library at the London CentRE, look at the underside of the table, if it's the same table as when I was there, you'll find a great surprise! Also, in this article you'll find a few interesting facts about the London Centre's earlier residents.

  3. It sounds like you are having so much fun! What a great experience - thanks for sharing all the pictures.

  4. Still waiting for a picture of everyone in matching tie-dye shirts! We're missing you this week while Charlie is gone to Scout camp and all the young women are at Girls camp. Looks like you are having lots of fun, though, so I guess it's okay. My advice this week: Make sure sliding glass doors are open before walking through them. This advice comes from personal experience. Don't worry, I only broke my nose in two places :)! Sorry you didn't get to see my black eyes.