Saturday, July 11, 2009

For all you Harry Potter Freaks

The Great Hall
Sitting on a castle wall in Conwy.
We saw Les Miserables last night. It was amazing!!
Kings Cross.
Waiting for Les Miserables to start.

Inside Kings Cross.
Platform 9 3/4
Christ's Church. We went to mass here.
Flying on our brooms. Duh.
Professor Dumbledore stood here.
We LOVE Harry Potter!
Mom this ones for you. Headphone tour.
The view from the castle wall. You can see the castle on the water.
We watched this beautiful sunset from the castle wall.

I wish you all were here!!


  1. Those pictures are awesome! I love the one where you are walking through plat form 9 11 or whatever it is!

  2. Oh Kenzie! You are having way too much fun! I love Les Mis-- my favorite musical EVER!

  3. so glad you got to listen to headphones. so jealous. AND le mis? man, i am missing out:( that harry potter stuff is way cool.

  4. yeah i guess it's pretty cool you saw all those harry potter sites but im not jealous cause im going to the midnight show tonight and that's probably equally as cool.....right? ok not really but i have to make myself feel better. that flower looks cute in your hair, it definitely tames the fro. i'm also glad i didnt have to do the headphone tour. kaka! im also glad you didnt fall off that bridge. keep the posts a comin!