Sunday, July 5, 2009

The City of Dublin

Romantic moments.
Michael Jackson lives? Of perhaps just in mourning?
some war monument thing.

Streets of Dublin
Prettiest flower markets all along the street.
Trinity College. We saw the Book of Kells here.
Just in case.

Interesting facts, advice, and stuff about me:
-If all your blow dryers explode... use the hand dryer in the bathroom
-My hair is a fro here (which explains why it is slicked back in all my pics)
-we have been staying in an old convent
-there is a rather large Jesus statue right outside our window
-the cafeteria here is in the church part and we so luckily get to wake up to techno music blasting there at breakfast.
-The telephone booth is in the confessional.
-Once again our leaders told us to walk to church this morning because it was "close"
-I gave a talk at a fireside in Dublin tonight and it was a really cool experience.
-We have been told the weather has been the sunniest here this week than it has been in fifty years... I have yet to see the sun.
-restaurants don't like you here if you don't drink.
-ten completely different girls stuck in one room together every night can get along perfectly fine.
-I'm off to Wales on a ferry tomorrow!


  1. we missed you on the 4th. youre a creep for taking a pic of those lovers!i hope you didnt get a disease from kissing that stone!

  2. that is all so cool! you know i am very jealous. any tours with headphones yet? sorry i missed your call - i was at the zoo. almost like being in ireland. call me.

  3. no tours with headphones. Sorry.

  4. Your hair looks great - only a fellow curly head would know what kind of drama curly hair causes. Glad you are having fun.