Monday, December 28, 2009

Dreams of London

Today was the best day of my life. (You will probably eventually discover that I have many best days of my life's) While in the UK over the summer I came to love many new things, one of these things were caramel digestives. Caramel digestives are a "biscuit with caramel covered in milk chocolate"... so good. I will admit that that name "digestives" is not too appealing especially for a cookie, but do not let this small detail scare you away. Once you try them you will be hooked, I promise. No matter where we were in a hostel, on a bus, a walk in Hyde Park, or in our flat we seemed to have a pack handy. In London my roomies Mandie, Jenny, and I would eat approximately a pack a day. Seriously. I don't know why I didn't come home larger than I did. I brought a pack home and shared some with my family and then put the rest in my room in a safe place. One day I decided I would savor one of these sacred cookies and I came to find that there was only one left. I immediately knew the culprit who had eaten several on the car ride home from the airport... KORTNI! I went into her room and accused her of eating all my cookies. She responded very calmly with "what? I left one for you!". Unbelievable. I finished of the last one before anyone else could get their hands on it. Ever since that day I searched high and low for these cookies but have only come across the plain chocolate ones which are not comparable to the caramel ones. Today while in Salt Lake I was pulling out of a parking lot and eyed a little shop called The London Market, I immediately headed in that direction. To my greatest surprise they had them! In the UK they usually cost around one pound which is a little less than two dollars. Here they were seven dollars but that didn't stop me, I still bought them. I am very satisfied with my purchase and I can't wait to eat them! If you ever come across a pack of these buy them and don't forget to pick up a pack for me!

xoxo z

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Headband Party!

On Saturday we will be having a headband party at Salon K in the Riverwoods mall from 1-5 pm. Come get the perfect Christmas gift that is sure to be loved. I will be selling my headbands which you can view at and Bryn will be there as well selling her beautiful crocheted items her website is Salon K will also be offering 20% off their services all day! We will also be having refreshments so stop by for some food!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter Blues?!

It may be freezing outside (yes it was one degree when I went to school this morning) but there are LOTS of reasons to LOVE winter!

You can...

warm up by the fireplace

my favorite part of winter wearing fun colorful tights!

bundle up and go sledding

wear cute hats

and drink yummy hot chocolate. With marshmallows of course!
(If you want to try the best hot chocolate you have ever had in your life go get some from Borders you will never be the same)

How do you stay warm?!