Monday, July 13, 2009

Foggy London Towne

The British Museum. This is like the biggest museum I have ever been to. I'm sure you could spend the whole day there and not see everything. There were tons of ancient things here we spent a lot of time in the Egyptian section. We even saw the Rosetta Stone.
This is inside the British Museum.
St. Pauls
So we went inside St. Pauls and had to be quite because they were holding mass (could you imagine sitting in sacrament meeting or being in the temple and having tourists walking all around you?). First we climbed about 200 steps to the whispering gallery. The whispering gallery is in the dome of St. Pauls. You can whisper something to the wall where you are sitting and the people all the way across the dome on the other side can hear your whisper. This kept us entertained for a while and then we prepared to climb the next flight of stairs to the balcony. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside but the picture above is a little hole in the ground from the top that looked all the way down to the floor. We climbed up more stairs and ended up...
here. With a lovely view of London. If you look closely you can see big ben and the London Eye.
After that we climbed even MORE stairs and ended up here. This is the view from the top. It was a tiny balcony so it was hard to get a good picture cause we were so close to the wall. In the end we climbed up about 500 stairs. We were all a bit sweaty... no joke. Also after joking about jumping off being the only way down we were quickly reassured (not so jokingly) by staff that there was another set of stairs to climb back down. Turns out four people have committed suicide here in the past ten years.
After much anticipation Mandie and I finally convinced the others that we should go here! (I don't know why no one else wanted to). This is the London Eye and the building to the right of it changes colors. It was amazing, I was freaking out. I will be back to ride this thing before I go home, don't worry.
Also to add to the excitement it was Big Ben's 150th birthday! We were really excited because we heard there was a birthday celebration, when we arrived we didnt see anything going on. Mandie asked the hot dog man and the nut man and they didn't know what we were talking about. Then she asked a police man and the celebration was that they were projecting this happy birthday sign on the side of Big Ben... best bday party I've ever been to!
Happy Birthday big guy!
The House of Parliament, these things all look very cool lit up at night. It was pouring rain so I apologize for the rain drops on the lens.


  1. i am sure you will ride that thing. even though you know its not safe :)

  2. hi kenzie!
    It looks like you are having a blast! When do you get back?!
    Love Nancy and Hillary

  3. I am so happy for you that you are having such a wonderful time! We missed you while your family was here in California! Ella missed you the most! She was in true Kenzie form and everyone called her Kenzie. It was pretty funny! Have fun on the rest of your adventures! Love seeing all these pictures.