Monday, December 28, 2009

Dreams of London

Today was the best day of my life. (You will probably eventually discover that I have many best days of my life's) While in the UK over the summer I came to love many new things, one of these things were caramel digestives. Caramel digestives are a "biscuit with caramel covered in milk chocolate"... so good. I will admit that that name "digestives" is not too appealing especially for a cookie, but do not let this small detail scare you away. Once you try them you will be hooked, I promise. No matter where we were in a hostel, on a bus, a walk in Hyde Park, or in our flat we seemed to have a pack handy. In London my roomies Mandie, Jenny, and I would eat approximately a pack a day. Seriously. I don't know why I didn't come home larger than I did. I brought a pack home and shared some with my family and then put the rest in my room in a safe place. One day I decided I would savor one of these sacred cookies and I came to find that there was only one left. I immediately knew the culprit who had eaten several on the car ride home from the airport... KORTNI! I went into her room and accused her of eating all my cookies. She responded very calmly with "what? I left one for you!". Unbelievable. I finished of the last one before anyone else could get their hands on it. Ever since that day I searched high and low for these cookies but have only come across the plain chocolate ones which are not comparable to the caramel ones. Today while in Salt Lake I was pulling out of a parking lot and eyed a little shop called The London Market, I immediately headed in that direction. To my greatest surprise they had them! In the UK they usually cost around one pound which is a little less than two dollars. Here they were seven dollars but that didn't stop me, I still bought them. I am very satisfied with my purchase and I can't wait to eat them! If you ever come across a pack of these buy them and don't forget to pick up a pack for me!

xoxo z

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Headband Party!

On Saturday we will be having a headband party at Salon K in the Riverwoods mall from 1-5 pm. Come get the perfect Christmas gift that is sure to be loved. I will be selling my headbands which you can view at and Bryn will be there as well selling her beautiful crocheted items her website is Salon K will also be offering 20% off their services all day! We will also be having refreshments so stop by for some food!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter Blues?!

It may be freezing outside (yes it was one degree when I went to school this morning) but there are LOTS of reasons to LOVE winter!

You can...

warm up by the fireplace

my favorite part of winter wearing fun colorful tights!

bundle up and go sledding

wear cute hats

and drink yummy hot chocolate. With marshmallows of course!
(If you want to try the best hot chocolate you have ever had in your life go get some from Borders you will never be the same)

How do you stay warm?!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Patina Market

This week I am very excited to be selling my stuff at Patina Market. Patina is a cute little store that sells handmade things and switches vendors every week. I think this is a great idea and I am so excited for them! The grand opening is this Wednesday the 18th. They will have free cupcakes and a free handmade gift for the first 50 people there!! There will also be free cookies and raffles all week long. Patina is located on 200 South Main Street In Pleasant Grove. For more info click HERE. I hope to see you there! xoxo

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I love love love this video! Now you don't have an excuse to be creative!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bijou Market

I will be selling headbands at the Bijou Market. There will be lots of other amazing vendors there as well! Come get some early holiday shopping done or just pick up a little something for your self (even though I doubt you could get out with one thing). I hope to see you all there!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I'm going there someday.

This is the first place we were sent to for church I talk about it at the end (I don't know how to move it).

While traveling I have had the opportunity to go see two temples here. The Preston temple was closed for remodeling or cleaning or something but we stopped to see it and take pictures of it when we left London. It was perfect weather we finally got to see the sun. The gardens outside of the temple were beautiful!
Preston Temple

I went to the London temple with some of the other girls in my group and we did baptisms for the dead. When we got there they had to call down everyone to come help up with the baptisms because they are not use to having lots of people there. They brought down the clerk and the sealer. There was also a cute little French family there and the dad baptized some of the girls in French. The old man that baptized us was so cute! He was so excited because he had done sealings that morning and then he got to come down and do baptisms. He baptized about six of us fifteen times and he had a big smile on his face the whole time.
London Temple

This isn't a temple but I thought I would add this in here. While living in London we were all assigned to different wards. The first time we went to church they definitely gave us the wrong directions and when we got to the address is was an old sketchy school that had twenty foot high fences and huge chains around the gate not to mention all the signs in the town were written in Hindi. (see the picture up top). I know I good idea send five white girls in their nice church clothes in the middle of a scary neighborhood. There were few white people in our ward and they would all address us as BYU student. All the people in the ward were very welcoming and so happy to see us, they were so happy every single Sunday.

These are the cute primary children I taught.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oh La La Pareee!

Last weekend we decided to take a weekend trip to Paris. No big deal right?! I mean in utah you could take a weekend trip to St. George or maybe Las Vegas. But here we can get to Paris in two hours... crazy! Paris was a big adventure and if you go there I highly recommend you bring someone who speaks French. Basically everyone there speaks English but since they all hate the English they refuse to speak it to you and since none of us spoke French sometimes we had a hard time communicating.
This is us waiting at the train station to get on the "chunnel". The chunnel is a high speed train that travels under the ocean. After having to pop our ears several times from the pressure it got us to Paris in about two hours.
We arrived there pretty early in the day and once we got off the train we had no idea where to go. All we knew is that our hotel was right by the Louvre. After struggling to find the right metro train to get on we finally found it. The metro in Paris is nothing like the tube in London. The tube is heavenly compared to that thing. The metro is dirty and there are a lot of creepy men hanging out down there. Also I do not ever suggest taking the metro with all of your luggage. We got off the metro and wandered around in the streets for a while looking for our hotel when finally a French man asked us if we were lost. We all had the same thoughts running through our heads. We don't want to tell him where we live because it is possible we could get "taken" but he is the first person willing to speak English to us. So to play it safe we asked him how to get to the Louvre and after replying "oh la la" he pointed us in the right direction and that was that.
We finally found our hotel. (Timhotel which we decided sounded asian). We got organized and then we decided we wanted to go see the Eiffel tower. We weren't exactly sure where is was but we could definitely see it so we decided we would just start walking towards it. As we walked it kept getting bigger and bigger and we were really excited but it turns out looks can be deceiving and it wasn't as close at it appeared to be. Finally we turned a corner and bam there it was! Naturally we were all freaking out we were way too excited. We decided to save ourselves a pretty big sum of money by walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift. Boy did we walk up a lot of stairs. When we finally made it to the top it was beautiful (picture above). Worth it!!

While in Paris we could not resist two things... Gelato and...
Crepes! Might I add we had our fair share.
Top of the Eiffel Tower.
Inside the Louvre. Can anyone name this CD cover??
The Louvre was GIGANTIC. It by far dominates the British Museum and had way cooler stuff. We were there for almost a whole day and we were far from seeing everything but we were sure to see the most famous items. Of course we saw the Mona Lisa (picture above and yes mom those are headphones.) I have learned so much about paintings and artwork at school and so I really enjoyed getting to actually see them in real life!
Just trying to blend in with the locals.
Arc de Triomphe.
From the top of the Arc we could see the Eiffel tower and there was a way cool lightening storm. Once it got dark the Eiffel tower had millions of lights all over it that started flashing. Its hard to tell from the picture above but the Eiffel tower was glittering. It was very cool!
The last night we were here we wanted to ride bikes. We were so excited especially since it was against the rules. Wild I know! But to our dismay you can only ride the bikes there if you have a European credit card because they have a special chip in them. Instead we decided to ride this ferris wheel. It was fun until the creepy carnival man wouldn't let us off and kept spinning it around and around. We were almost in tears (especially Sarah) when he finally let us off.
This is the Sacre Coeur by far my favorite place in all of Paris! It was a cute sort of secluded little place. There were quaint little restaurants and artists painting in the surrounding area. I bought a cute painting from the nicest man named lulu. He was so happy and cute trying to speak english to me. When I left he said I um... maybe see you later? He was the cutest little man. After we gathered on the front steps of the Sacre Coeur to listen to a little concert by Youri and somehow we ended up in the front dancing in front of everyone. It was awesome!! We are now owners of Youri's CD, I highly recommend him!
This is all the people we danced in front of!
Us being sad because we couldn't ride the bikes.
Goodbye Paris! I hope to see you again someday! (perhaps during the Tour de France or on a romantic get away with my hubby... if I ever find one)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Foggy London Towne

The British Museum. This is like the biggest museum I have ever been to. I'm sure you could spend the whole day there and not see everything. There were tons of ancient things here we spent a lot of time in the Egyptian section. We even saw the Rosetta Stone.
This is inside the British Museum.
St. Pauls
So we went inside St. Pauls and had to be quite because they were holding mass (could you imagine sitting in sacrament meeting or being in the temple and having tourists walking all around you?). First we climbed about 200 steps to the whispering gallery. The whispering gallery is in the dome of St. Pauls. You can whisper something to the wall where you are sitting and the people all the way across the dome on the other side can hear your whisper. This kept us entertained for a while and then we prepared to climb the next flight of stairs to the balcony. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside but the picture above is a little hole in the ground from the top that looked all the way down to the floor. We climbed up more stairs and ended up...
here. With a lovely view of London. If you look closely you can see big ben and the London Eye.
After that we climbed even MORE stairs and ended up here. This is the view from the top. It was a tiny balcony so it was hard to get a good picture cause we were so close to the wall. In the end we climbed up about 500 stairs. We were all a bit sweaty... no joke. Also after joking about jumping off being the only way down we were quickly reassured (not so jokingly) by staff that there was another set of stairs to climb back down. Turns out four people have committed suicide here in the past ten years.
After much anticipation Mandie and I finally convinced the others that we should go here! (I don't know why no one else wanted to). This is the London Eye and the building to the right of it changes colors. It was amazing, I was freaking out. I will be back to ride this thing before I go home, don't worry.
Also to add to the excitement it was Big Ben's 150th birthday! We were really excited because we heard there was a birthday celebration, when we arrived we didnt see anything going on. Mandie asked the hot dog man and the nut man and they didn't know what we were talking about. Then she asked a police man and the celebration was that they were projecting this happy birthday sign on the side of Big Ben... best bday party I've ever been to!
Happy Birthday big guy!
The House of Parliament, these things all look very cool lit up at night. It was pouring rain so I apologize for the rain drops on the lens.