Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ireland I ♥ You

Last weekend I went to see the movie Leap Year with the lovely Jayci, and I fell in love with Ireland all over again. They made it absolutely perfect from there never being any outlets, the outlets exploding, to the pub, to the cows in the middle of the road, and last but not least the handsome Irish men. Irish men definitely do not fit their stereotype, they are not fat redheads. They are tall, dark, and handsome. Plus they have a nice accent as a bonus. Maybe my future husband is in Ireland? I guess I better go find him! Who wants to come??



  1. i didnt love this movie?
    but ill be on board with you! fat red heads hahahahaha.

  2. k quick story. this guy Rob from england (julianne he's in our ward)--he's in one of my classes so I talk to him quite a bit. he told me that I was "one of four gingers in our class". and later he preceeded to explain to me that everyone in england hates gingers (redheads). because they are super pasty and aren't good at anything. it was quite lovely of him to say so. ha ha ha. sorry the irish thing reminded me because he said the whole ginger stereotype had something to do with them.

    ps. now after my novel comment, we can be blog friends!

  3. I'm in!!!! As long as we get to stay at the convent again!!!!:)

  4. Ok so they didn't have the best acting and it was kind of cheesy but I think I just loved the fact that it was in ireland mostly.

    Molly I am sorry no one likes you.

    Jayci I will go as long as they play techno in the chapel again.

  5. Kenzie I went and saw this movie last night and I loved it!!! Why doesn't anyone like it? I went with a girl I went to Ireland with and maybe thats why we both liked it so much...but I really thought it was a great movie and why don't we just plan a trip to London and we can go to Ireland to and paris?? Want to?

  6. The movie was so amazing. I loved it. I would love to go to Ireland someday. Gotta get that passport though!