Thursday, February 4, 2010

Shabby Apple

This semester I am interning at Shabby Apple.
Shabby Apple is a dress company and they have many lovely women's dresses.
Girls dresses.
Exercise clothes.
We are coming out with a new line in a couple of weeks with some darling things.
I really like it there and I have lots of fun.
Tomorrow I will be on TV.
Yes, you heard right I will have my modeling debut tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock on KJZZ.
I will be wearing this lovely dress.
And I am required to wear nylons.
I hate nylons with a passion.
Whats a girl to do.

One of my favorite dresses.
I hope to own you one day.


  1. loooooove. yum. i've never seen these before, and i had no idea you were interning here! good for you :) that's incredible. and beautiful! and very you :)

  2. and you were very cute might i add!

  3. excause me, you didnt wear that dress!!