Monday, February 22, 2010


Procrastination is my sin it brings me endless sorrow. I simply must stop doing it, I think I'll start tomorrow!

Yep, just finished doing five biology assignments.

The worst part about it is that they are all online so I stare at my computer for hours listening to Eric Simon.

Who is Eric Simon you might ask? Do let me share...

and yes he reads every question out loud.



  1. im so with you on this.
    my 3 math assignments were due at midnight tonight-and i knew about them since last thursday. i decided to go to a jazz game instead and didn't finish them ontime.
    when will we change?

  2. never julianne, I've tried. I decided I work better under pressure (not).

  3. he's a keeper. we all ROCK. I just have to put this up here: Julianne "i have sixty math problems to do before midnight do you think i can finish" Me: :that's a problem a minute...." nope. i'm about to take 14 physical sciences quizzes before midnight. GO ONLINE SCHOOL