Saturday, August 8, 2009

I'm going there someday.

This is the first place we were sent to for church I talk about it at the end (I don't know how to move it).

While traveling I have had the opportunity to go see two temples here. The Preston temple was closed for remodeling or cleaning or something but we stopped to see it and take pictures of it when we left London. It was perfect weather we finally got to see the sun. The gardens outside of the temple were beautiful!
Preston Temple

I went to the London temple with some of the other girls in my group and we did baptisms for the dead. When we got there they had to call down everyone to come help up with the baptisms because they are not use to having lots of people there. They brought down the clerk and the sealer. There was also a cute little French family there and the dad baptized some of the girls in French. The old man that baptized us was so cute! He was so excited because he had done sealings that morning and then he got to come down and do baptisms. He baptized about six of us fifteen times and he had a big smile on his face the whole time.
London Temple

This isn't a temple but I thought I would add this in here. While living in London we were all assigned to different wards. The first time we went to church they definitely gave us the wrong directions and when we got to the address is was an old sketchy school that had twenty foot high fences and huge chains around the gate not to mention all the signs in the town were written in Hindi. (see the picture up top). I know I good idea send five white girls in their nice church clothes in the middle of a scary neighborhood. There were few white people in our ward and they would all address us as BYU student. All the people in the ward were very welcoming and so happy to see us, they were so happy every single Sunday.

These are the cute primary children I taught.

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