Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Work Hard Now Play Later

I have so much to do before I can be in the sun!

Which I can not wait for after this yucky day.

I need to:

do 6 bio reading quizzes
do 3 bio assignments
sew a dress
make a sewing portfolio
do a hand stitching sample
do 2 stats assignments
make an intern portfolio
write a 7 page paper
answer 43 emails

I can do it right?

thanks for the spring break BYU



  1. holllllyyyy cow. are you kidding me?
    you're leaving SATURDAY and how in the WORLD are you gonna get all this done before 830 on friday night?! haha. LOOOOVVEEE YOOOUUU

  2. zz - thats alot! good luck. good thing the house is nice and quiet so you can concentrate.